Struggling to support your Portfolio with the support they need to scale ?

ClickMovements is disrupting traditional investor services by introducing white-labeled and cost-effective coaching and training solutions packaged together with comprehensive business growth software. As investors you can now better serve your pre-seed and early stage businesses with your own branded products and services.

Cost Effective, Multifaceted, Data-Driven, Synergetic, White-labeled

Help your Portfolio Flourish

Would you like to brand our software and coaching package and have us supplement or even become the support services you offer to your portfolio?

A New 'Synergetic Normal' - 2022

“For too long a traditional dualistic mindset has hamstrung our efforts at sustainable business growth. Classically, two concepts have been polarised rather than ‘synergised’ into a harmonised power-house of complimentary ideas. Check out the new 'synergetic normal' we've captured in this unique ClickMovements package.”


Steve Jones

CEO - ClickMovements

Training AND Coaching

Training budgets wasted on 'hit n' run' conferences, courses or one-offs. Well-intentioned but expensive coaches meandering without substance or direction. Trainers need a post-training season of embedding and optimisation to truly skill teams and change mindsets. Coaches need content, clarity and strategy.

The ClickMovements package seeks to explore and deliver on this much needed synergy.

Conversations AND Automations

We need tools that help to enable the best of human commerce through storytelling and conversation.

Automation, no longer an enemy of human intimacy, can act as a lever upon these ancient 'buying and selling' arts.

Growth AND Generosity

We all know the open-hearted, curious and generous business will out-grow the tight-fisted insular organisation every time. ClickMovements has embedded generosity within its toolset and training programme - helping your portfolio businesses freely give away content and digital goods through automations and workflows - and in doing so win an abundance of new leads and customers.

Organic AND Organised

Yes, we need software that kickstarts the sense of organic movement and rapid growth around your businesses but we also need a rich combination of tools where this chaotic energy can be channeled and organised into clear outcomes and measurable impact.

Marketing AND Sales

So often siloed into two competing and antagonistic departments, our software serves both, seeking to build new overlap and cohesion, saving your portfolio companies time and precious energy.

Software Tools AND Business Philosophy

Building and developing growth software from a strong sense of business philosophy eg. data-driven decisions served by real-time analytics or inbound marketing enabled by social media and online learning tools or generosity leveraged by automations and workflows.

Powerful Business Software AND Cost-Effective Solutions

Some of the larger multi-tool software companies seem to have forgotten about start-ups and small business and have over-priced their most powerful tools. We need the best tools to be financially accessible - ClickMovements is.

Short Term Wins AND Long Term Journey

We’ve created a package that is both short-term AND long-term. Just turning on the ClickMovements software can harvest a basket of low-hanging fruit like a steady supply of reviews or new channels of communications like SMS and WhatsApp > short-term celebration. But true business success is built on a long-term journey of deeply understanding a software suite and re-skilling teams and individuals to become masters in their respective digital arts using the platform.

Profits AND Common Good

Getting beyond the classic left/right rhetoric to a new 'politic' of Abundance - where there is enough for all. ClickMovements is designed for this new business future - the era of social enterprise and ethical eco-businesses.

The Benefits of White Labeling

Quick and easy to implement - you could have your own top-of-the-range full-stack software within a week. Adds priceless & trusted value to your brand. No development or support hassles. Ready trained and ready to work staff - coaches, developers, business consultants, trainers and tech support. No HR responsibilities.

Full Suite of Software Tools

We will white-label a powerful suite of business software for you to use with your portfolio companies - automations, CRM, multi-channel communications, review management, unlimited websites, funnels, users & domains, integrations, call & SMS management, campaigns... check out full list here

Ready Made Support Community

We can offer your companies regular transformational experiences from trained coaches and consultants plus 240+ white-labeled training videos and resources and full knowledge base on utilising the software for marketing, sales and other business processes.

An Instant but Well Formed Business Growth Philosophy

A consistent articulation of key ideas and a shared language between your companies and their teams will leverage your support efforts - no more scattergun business fads or gimmicks.

What Others Say

I highly recommend working with ClickMovements and the team behind it – easy to work with, highly relational with an eye on the goals of increasing the size and quality of my community and ultimately bringing in more sales with the right clients.

Rob Husband

Co-Founder of Space2Think – a Training Agency working with clients like Comic Relief, CBI, YMCA & British Retail Consortium

Next step is to start the conversation with an informal call

During the call you can expect a listening ear as you articulate the vision for your investment portfolio and then we'll create a bespoke impartial roadmap - maybe using the ClickMovements software and support package for your businesses or maybe not. You will receive benefit from the call whatever the outcome.

The ClickMovements Full Package

This is what your Portfolio Businesses will receive...

  • Twice Weekly Coaching Calls, Training and 24-7 Support
  • Onboarding and Growth Strategy Consultations
  • Their own software account for unlimited staff members
  • iOS and Google Mobile Apps (can be white-labeled too)

The ClickMovements Software

(Or replace 'ClickMovements' with your own name, logo, fonts & brand colours) - full white-labeled service available

Click here to drill down into the myriad of features

  • All Channel Conversations Hub
  • Trust and Review Collecting Workflows
  • Social Media Publishing Hub
  • Unlimited Users, Websites, Funnels, Domains
  • Automated Campaigns using social media messaging, email, SMS and phone
  • Replaces software/coaching costs of £30K+ per annum/per business with something cost-efficient and replicable.
  • plus so much more...

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